Reusable Instruments


Eye Technology is proud to offer an extensive range of precision instruments for Vitreo Retinal and Anterior Segment surgery. These micro instruments provide a new level of surgeon control. The Titanium squeeze handle provides delicate, tactile feedback and enables excellent tear control for Capsulorhexis. The small diameter shaft allows use through a side port or Phacoincision without stretching the incision or flattening the Anterior Chamber and a curved shaft allows easy access and comfortable hand position, even in deep set eyes.

Using only the highest quality Titanium, our instruments are strong and durable whilst at the same time being very lightweight, which is particularly beneficial in helping to reduce fatigue for surgeons when undertaking extended procedures. Unlike other metals, Titanium is non-corrosive and non-magnetic and Eye Technology instruments are generally Anodized dark Blue to reduce glare under microscope.

Eye Technology is one of the few companies able to offer Tungsten Carbide coating. Forceps with Tungsten Carbide Coated tips offer greater gripping power and are particularly beneficial when undertaking delicate surgical techniques. Tungsten Carbide is similar to Diamond coating but will not flake or wear off. TC indicates instruments that have Tungsten Carbide coating.